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Landscaping Services
At Spinx Property Maintenance & Repairs, we offer landscaping services for all types of landscaping projects such as lawn mowing edging trimming weeding fertilizing planting pruning mulching watering and more. We can handle any landscaping design or style such as modern traditional rustic tropical and more. We use the best landscaping equipment and plants to ensure a beautiful and healthy landscape.

We serve both commercial and residential properties throughout South Africa. We are committed to providing high-quality workmanship excellent customer service and affordable pricing. We guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind.
Why choose us for your landscaping needs?

  • We have a team of qualified experienced and licensed landscapers who can handle any landscaping job big or small.
  • We are available 24/7 for emergencies and we offer flexible scheduling to suit your needs.
  • We use only the best quality equipment and plants that are eco-friendly and long-lasting.
  • We offer free quotes and transparent pricing with no hidden fees or charges.
  • We follow all the safety standards and regulations and we are fully insured against any damages or liabilities.

Here are some of the landscaping services we offer at Spinx Property Maintenance & Repairs:

  • Lawn mowing: We can mow your lawn to keep it neat tidy and healthy. We can also adjust the height of the mower blades to suit your lawn type and preference.
  • Edging: We can edge your lawn to create a clear boundary between your grass and other surfaces such as sidewalks driveways flower beds or fences. We can also use different edging materials such as metal stone brick or plastic to enhance your lawn appearance.
  • Trimming: We can trim your lawn to remove any excess grass that may grow over the edges of your lawn or other surfaces. We can also trim any weeds that may grow in your lawn using manual or chemical methods.
  • Weeding: We can weed your lawn to remove any unwanted plants that may compete with your grass for nutrients water or space. We can also weed your flower beds or other areas of your landscape using manual or chemical methods.
  • Fertilizing: We can fertilize your lawn to provide it with the essential nutrients it needs to grow strong and green. We can also fertilize your flowers shrubs trees or other plants using organic or synthetic fertilizers.
  • Planting: We can plant any flowers shrubs trees or other plants in your landscape to create a beautiful and diverse environment. We can also help you choose the best plants for your soil climate and preference.
  • Pruning: We can prune your flowers shrubs trees or other plants to remove any dead damaged or diseased branches or leaves. We can also prune your plants to shape them control their size or improve their flowering or fruiting.
  • Mulching: We can mulch your flower beds or other areas of your landscape to protect them from weeds erosion or temperature changes. We can also use different types of mulch such as wood bark straw or gravel to enhance your landscape appearance.
  • Watering: We can water your lawn flowers shrubs trees or other plants to keep them hydrated and healthy. We can also install irrigation systems or sprinklers to automate the watering process and save water.

How to contact us for landscaping services?

If you need landscaping services for your commercial or residential property don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can get a free quote or book a service online by filling out our contact form or by calling us at our phone number. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Don’t let your landscaping projects overwhelm you. Let us beautify it right the first time!

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